This summer (in August 2023), I will be teaching my first course as instructor of record after having earned my Masters in the spring. I will be teaching "Making Modern Science," a course focusing on the history of science since the Scientific Revolution. I am happy to share my syllabus for this course upon request.

Thus far, I have served as a Teaching Assistant for the following courses:

Critical Reasoning

Taught in Winter 2023 with Rebecca Korf

Knowledge: A User’s Guide (Honors)

Taught in Fall 2022 and Winter 2022 with Kyle Stanford and Jeffrey Barrett

Causal Reasoning (Honors)

Taught in Fall 2021 with Lauren Ross and Mimi Liljeholm

Introduction to Inductive Logic

Taught in Spring 2021 with Thomas Colclough

Philosophy of Sex

Taught in Winter 2021 with Cailin O’Connor