Other Stuff

A repository of photos I feel compelled to share with the world. It's mostly pictures of my dog, Lychee, and things I've baked. I have other interests too, but these are the most pleasant ones to look at.

Thoroughly enjoying a philosophical conversation

I do love to go camping

Leading picket line chants during last year's UAW strike

Despite how it looks, Lychee loves hiking

Lychee in her natural habitat

In her bat costume for Halloween

Love the beach; hate the sand

A camping dog is a happy dog

Fruit tart with a neat design

Lemon macaron

Chocolate and coffee macaron

Nougat de Montélimar, my holiday-time specialty

Close-up of the nougat

Cinnamon babkas

Chocolate pavlova with candied nuts and caramel

A slice of said pavlova

Adorable mini pumpkin pies


Almond-raspberry cake