True Gibson

pronouns: he/him


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Hello, I'm True. Welcome to my personal site. I am a PhD candidate in Logic & Philosophy of Science at the University of California, Irvine.

I work in several areas, but my main concentration is the evolution of human moral psychology and theory of mind. More generally, I am interested in how our cognitive and psychological structures shape the ways we interact with and think about the world around us. This includes how we humans engage with wide-ranging philosophical questions, as well as how we approach scientific and everyday problems.

My other research interests include the history of science, especially the history of evolutionary thought, and methodological questions related to philosophical naturalism.

Outside of my research, I enjoy baking, cooking, making art, listening to music, getting outdoors, reading, and watching/playing sports.

Before coming to UCI I lived my entire life in Oregon, where I worked as a physics researcher at Portland State University and as a synthetic chemist at Oregon State University, which is where I earned my Bachelor of Science in biochemistry & biophysics with a minor in philosophy.

Fig. 1: Me as a clean-cut, well-dressed first year student

Fig. 2: Me as a long-haired, flannel-wearing second year

Fig. 3: Me as a hard-working and industrious third year, my hair having now reached equilibrium